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Probably one of the most quintessential movies in pop culture history is Clueless. Now, if you haven’t seen clueless, you probably live under a rock. A funny statement about the ditzy rich chicks of our lifetime, Clueless was a fucking hilarious representation about selfish teenagers who get everything they want and still want more. The head of the pack? Only the stunning chick in the world, Alicia Silverstone. With the blondest of hair and the most banging body, that chick is a sex icon.

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Alicia Silverstone basically looks like that lustful, popular chick you wanted to fuck in high school, and the luscious coworker that probably has a boyfriend but you’d still fuck her any way if given the chance. Between her perfect sized tits and her adorable, tight ass Alicia Silverstone has probably the best body ever. She wows with the fit physique, so much she wouldn’t have any problems finding a bathing suit. And I mean, why wouldn’t she want one? Girl has got to be a huge slut after all the characters she’s played.


To say Alicia Silverstone is pretty would be an understatement. If you didn’t enjoy these pictures, you are probably gay. That’s okay, but just letting you know.

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