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A 22-year-old little skank trying to be famous on YouTube for being a whore. I wonder how many times she’s been passed around like a blow-up party doll in her teenage life. Though she is pretty with those tiny tits, I’m sure she’s had hundreds of guys jizz on her face while she was drunk before age 18.

Ex Boyfriend Faze Banks Accused of Cheating by Alissa Violet

I'm sure her white trash parents are so happy she's becoming a big star on the internet while showing off that family tested incest pussy. Just so she can blame the guys for cheating like Faze Banks who has nothing to do with her anymore. All the little attention slut wants is some new coverage on social media. For that reason we going to go ahead and leak her little pussy selfies, so everyone can blow a load on her little brat face.

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