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Anne Heche and Joan Chen Intriguing Sex Video Scene the two are phenomenal actresses. I mean, smoking lustful, talented, and awesome, these two are electric in any movie they do. So when you put them together in a movie like Wild Side, where they are not only super luscious but also lesbians, you best believe you’re in for a treat. Intriguing Scenes with Anne Heche and Joan Chen   Now this movie is so controversial because of these lesbian scenes that it's been cut and re-cut so many times for audience approval. I mean, even HBO had trouble airing it at one point. And All they do is sex! These women Anne Heche and Joan Chen have two of the greatest bodies, really. So watching them fuck each other is better than you could ever imagine. Two professionals, one good time. Conclusion I've seen this before but never uncut like this. Holy shit, no wonder so many people were concerned about it being on television. It's a lot!

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