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When it comes to Australian Hip Hop and Aussie Rap Music

Which Australian rapper is the best you’ll never guess this one! A few big names might come to mind. However, there is one lesser known artist, who goes by the name of Savo. According to CelebMasta and major music publication Genius: source say, that he has been making major waves so far this year in 2019. Releasing over 12 songs in the last 6 months, after taking a break for a few years. The Aussie Hip Hop Community has really started to take notice of Savo once again. Follow on Instagram & visit his website for latest events. Australian Rapper

Savo (also known as Jameel Savage-Tate)

Once gained viral popularity after releasing a song titled “Fuck’s Going On”. Where he basically rapped about everything in the world that was going wrong. For example, people cutting themselves over Justin Bieber and the infamous girl, Giovanna Plowman who ate her bloody tampon and filmed it.

One of Savo’s latest songs is titled “Wishing On A Spaceship” by The Australian Rapper

Which was written about a close friend of his who committed suicide and a family member who passed away recently. You can really feel the emotion in the track. Not just with the sad melodies within the beat, but through Savo’s lyrics also.

The track that stood out the most to Savo’s fans was the song titled “Hell Of A Drug”

In this song he speaks about an ice addiction that he was battling over the past few years. This was the main reason for him stepping away from music for a little while. Which you can find on SoundCloud of the artist.

There are also songs like “Your Mumma Shoulda”

That manages to channel Savo’s comedic side. Similar to the vibe you get from “Fuck’s Going On” when you first hear it.

If you don’t know who this Australian Musician is by now

Then it’s time you get out from underneath the rock you’ve been living under. Take a listen to a few of his latest songs and decide for yourself. If Savo is worthy of being up there with some of the other Aussie Rappers in the scene. He is obviously a way better person to represent Australia, rather than the talent-less and luscious Iggy Azalea who flashes her cunt for money. When it comes to Australian Hip Hop and Aussie Rap Music its Savo

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