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Okay, Brooklyn Decker is a B-grade actress but a total lustfultie super model that we can forgive her for being so untalented. I mean, let’s face it… she’s not the best actress but she more than makes up for it with her modeling and luscious fucking body. I mean, who cares if she isn’t the next Meryl Streep, she’s sure fucking lustfulter than her. If I saw Brooklyn Decker on the street, I’d fuck her. Which is why seeing these celebrity pictures is so awesome.

Intriguing Photos of Brooklyn Decker Nipples and Bikini Body

There really is something about blondes. I mean, when a lustful blonde walks into a bar, or anywhere really, I am immediately turned on. No difference with Brooklyn Decker. I mean, that hair is matched with a fine ass and a great pair of tits. I just want to fuck her senseless and see that body in action. But really, you can tell this girl is not a good girl. Maybe more girl next door Aniston, if you know what I mean. They lustful blonde from school that’s down for a good bang.


You’d have to be pretty crazy to think these photos of Brooklyn Decker in the see through cloths were anything but lustful. Check ’em out and come back any time. You won’t regret it.

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