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Carrie Underwood ass and booty pictures originally stunned America with her crazy gorgeous eyes and her incredible singing voice on American Idol. God, I mean I just love singers. There is almost the problem of luscious moaning during sex that makes you just want to fuck all of the singers. And judging by Underwood’s stage presence and fuckable body, I bet she would be no different. Would love to hear those pipes shine in bed from the pleasure of my dick.

Selfies Showing of Carrie Underwood Intriguing Body

Now this chick is totally sweet but, judging by her songs, she’s got a little bit of a bitch vibe mean streak. Before He Cheats? Fuck, this girl goes crazy over her man when he’s unfaithful and we’re afraid to double cross her. But why would we? You’d have to be an idiot to give up on someone like this attractive. I mean, they literally write fitness blogs and books about her legs and ass. She’s as fit and luscious as it gets, and her body is one that I dream about nightly. If I could find a chick like that, life made.


It doesn’t take a genius to see these photos of Carrie Underwood are luscious as fuck. Hell, you probably didn’t even need to see them to know they were luscious, because she’s the perfect woman.

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