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Catherine McCormack is kind of a lustful chick. Like, when looking at her, I feel like she definitely knows it, too. I mean she’s in this movie, Dangerous Beauty, where she’s basically showing off her body non-stop. She is literally a courtesan, a high paid prostitute, so you know she’s got that sex appeal to make the screen light up. Chock full of goodies, these videos will have you horny in no time. Steamy Scenes of Catherine McCormack Catherine sex scene chick, back then and now has an amazing body. She's got curves for days that I would love to let my hands ride all over. And that ass? Well no wonder people are willing to pay the big bucks for this lovely lady in this movie. Great casting because, I'll tell you what, I'd pay an arm and a leg to fuck her, too. She's definitely the kind of high end slut you could hide or show off. Conclusion It's okay that she's gotten older now. If Catherine McCormack can age like that, I doubt she'll be disappearing any time soon. Stick around, baby!

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