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The Emilia Clarke luscious character history in Game of Thrones is well known actress. I am yet to see some serious lustful lustful scene like casting as Daenerys Targaryen. The first time, she was forced to disrobe. Not sure whether vomit or give every dude a high five. But that makes it one of the most memorable moments of the show. Her character reminds of Jennifer Holland when she was young. And she is not the only luscious girl in GoT to shed her cloth as well. She is one of the top stars in the series. The second part is when she covered her curvy bikini teen actress sex appeal. Flaunting those nipples and poke’s with the dragons oh Lord she looked amazing.
emilia clarke young age topless selfie
Young age topless selfie before famous

Emilia Clarke Intriguing Fire Scene Flashing Nipples and Ass

Emilia Clarke told news that she refused to have a body double for her fiery walk on S6 episode. Daenerys showed her anger with the Khals by  setting on fire and burning their horse palace to ashes and showing off she is the Dragon Queen.

Emilia Clarke Steaming HD (1080p) Ass & Daring Bikini Body Pics

Gif Pics of Emilia Clarke Bathtub Scene

These are animated GIF take outs from her amazing without bikini moments. Worth mentioning her co-stars are her friends, like Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark, Cersei aka lustful Lena Headey, or luscious Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark assassin girl.

 Emilia Clarke Juicy Curves and Photos Shoot

In season 1, most of her lustful scenes were when she was getting banged by the crazy barbarian horseman. Then there were the season 3 bathtub boobies and yes no bikini involved, this is where you could clearly see that it is undeniable that Clarke is one goddess. Just recently, Emilia Clarke was making a campaign for free the penis. So male actors are shown just like female in the HBO television show. Well, she thinks given the fact that female actors are flashing their boobies and butts all over the screens and so should the male actors.


Personally, I support the idea, not that because I want to see more dicks on my screens. But at least as a guarantee that Emilia will be flaunting more perfect bikini curves just without the swimsuit in the future. The Dragon Queen Mother in the first few season got lustful so many times that all we seen is queen of dragons and fans of Emilia Clarke lustful pictures fell in love with her real quick and she became one of the main icons in the HBO Series.

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