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Kelly Preston is the typical girl next door, which means she is totally lustful. We all remember her from Mischief (I mean who could forget the luscious bombshell in that movie) and we’ve got a special treat for you. Just leaked, a lustful and steamy sex-tape from her days as the girl you wanted to fuck. Watch Kelly Preston get rammed doggy-style in this luscious video.

Nude Intriguing Photosgraphs Kelly Preston

I mean seriously, how could you not want to check out these pictures. Kelly Preston has always had that sort-of dumb, out of reach, slutty vibe in her movies. She’s the kind of popular girl you want to rough up and play with until she cums all over your nerdy, fan fiction sheets. See her perfect tits and insanely amazing ass in these images. She’s the kind of girl that can handle anything. Charlie Sheen once lustful her in the arm by accident. Obviously they broke up but if she can handle that pain, I’m sure she can handle getting fucked hard by a large cock. Clearly she can, from this video.


Saying these images and video are worth seeing is an understatement. Preston’s spectacular body is the kind of thing every person dreams about, man or woman. I bet she’s a tease but, I’ll be honest, what I wouldn’t give to be her toy tonight.

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