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Now I’ll be honest. I have never thought of Chelsea Handler lustful photos leaks as the luscious type. Like she’s a funny, dramatic, over the top chick, and I love watching her shows. But I never fantasized about her until very recently. Like she’s kind of an older woman, which is not my cup of tea, but when she released those celebs photos of herself making fun of Kim Kard. and making statements about women’s bodies, well, I decided to give her a second chance.

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I mean, clearly I was blind before. Chelsea Handler has a great pair of tits on her, making me wonder how I could have missed out on this for so long. Clearly, I am a tits man. But aside from that, she just has a pretty insane body. Like, way to keep yourself in shape, lustful selfie pictures of Chelsea! That flat, six pack stomach and that amazing ass are making me horny just thinking about it. And I mean if she’s so willing to show it all off then clearly she’s a slutty girl. Wouldn’t love to get in on that.


One of those don’t knock it till you’ve tried it things, Chelsea Handler pussy deserves so much sexual attention than I feel like she gets. Nothing says lustful like a celebs woman.

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