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Demi Moore is not a new name. She has been around for so long that even your children’s children will know who she is when the time comes. She has been lustful forever, and will probably stay lustful forever and get mistaken plenty times for Jennifer Connelly who looks very alike to Demi. Screw all of her movies, she’s probably known the most for being on General Hospital and in Ghost. But she’s also super known for marrying Ashton Kutcher, a man much younger than her. Cougar alert! Gives the rest of us hope!

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There is a reason Demi Moore is so popular though. I mean, have you looked at her? Not only is she super good looking, but she has proven time and time again that she is luscious as fuck. With that ass and those tits, Demi has never been afraid to show it all. She is a total sex symbol for many generations. Every time I see her, man there are so many things I want to do to her. If only I was a super lustful celebrity like Ashton Kutcher, no wonder Mila Kunis got her self pregnant by him and stole him from Moore right? But really, what a total fox.


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