Diora Baird

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Diora Baird is an American former model and actress. She is best known for her role in the movie Wedding Crashers. Little is known about this lass but believe it or not she has had a successful career in Hollywood.

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The little known actress was not so popular despite her success until she pulled that full-frontal scene on Wedding crashers, and the internet could not stop talking about her.

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This scene which included her showing off her perky nipples and round boobs also landed her on the coveted cover of Playboy's August 2005 issue. With the skyline stating, without hyperbole, "Best Guess Girl Ever." No idle boast.

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At this point, it was obvious that Diora would be a star which is why so many photographers wanted to snap her picture. Did she become a model for Guess? Again gracing the covers of playboy Netherlands. Her globes had to be admired worldwide!

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