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James Deen is an American pornographic actor and director. I know some of you are even lifetime members in some of these porn sites. And the site of James Deen doesn’t surprise you at all. James of course is not as famous as Peter North the top male porn actor or pop star Justine Bieber, however with a cock size as his this guy got all the sex roles.

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But there are some facts about him most of you are not aware of. For instance, when he was still in kindergarten. The porn star enjoys both pussy’s and dicks and would fuck any ass that comes his way. Sure nothing royal about being a adult celebrity porn actress or actor but tell Harry Styles that, who fucks girls all the time anyways.

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He has also dated only porn-stars. Perhaps because no one will agree getting fucked with a guy that has slept with more than a thousand men and women. James Deen is not luscious or handsome and definitely doesn’t have abs and muscles. However, he has a 7.5 dick that drives both men and women crazy watching him shirtless. Perhaps Captain America Chris Evans could learn some posing moves from James.

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