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When a chick can act in an array of roles, whether it be action, comedy, or drama, she all of a sudden becomes someone worth paying attention to. But when that same actress is also super fucking lustful, she becomes a woman worth jerking off to. January Jones sex scenes is probably the woman that fits this description the most. If you like blonde, curvy, talented, luscious, lustful women, you probably think January Jones is a goddess.

January Jones Sex Scene Stills Nipples & Pussy

Known for her roles as Emma Frost in X-Men with Sophie and Betty Draper in Mad Men, January Jones is no stranger to the limelight. She has stripped down for roles before, but never like this. These photos show off every curve and lustful spot of this woman, having us crave a lot more from her. I’m not sure how this woman got an ass and boobs as perfect as hers, but they look too natural to be plastic. This chick seems all real and we wish we could get down and dirty with her.


Don’t be a ninny. You can’t deny all these stolen images of January Jones are lustful, lustful, lustful. Spicy as fuck, how can a woman named January be anything but. Weird name, exceptionally luscious chick.

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