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Everyone has seen the office. That show is so fucking funny and, anyone missing out of it should stop what they are doing and go watch it. Of course Michael is the best character on the show, but the second best character is Pam, the super smoking lustful front desk secretary played by Jenna Fischer. I mean, we’ve all dreamed of being the Jim to someones Pam, and I’d personally love to bone Jenna Fischer all night long.

Jenna Fischer Stripping Flashing Boobs & Ass

Now it doesn’t take a genius to see Jenna Fisher is really fucking lustful. Super fit and a total MILF, her body has a lot of curves I want to run my hands all over. Those tits are phenomenal, with cupable qualities I’m ready to hold onto. And that ass is amazing. All those pencil skirts in the show? She’s looking great without those on. But really, with a personality and body like that, I assume Jenna Fischer is not as awkward as she let’s on. One of those lady in the streets, freak in the sheets types, if you ask me.


So give this lustful lady another chance, and come back any time to check out these awesome photos of Jenna Fischer. If your night is dull, she’ll perk you up any time.

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