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John Cena is an American Professional Rapper, wrestler, actor and television presenter. He is best known as his name in WWE. John is a former football player. He played in college and was also working out to pack his muscles and abs.

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Like other actors such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John has leveraged his frame and fame in the ring to work in the movie industry. Cena didn’t waste any time flaunting his dick out. In the hit Amy Schumer-helmed comedy Train wreck, the lustfultie shows his massive ass and sculptured body while having a hilarious exchange with Schumer in the sack.

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We also get to see the star and his fiancée Nikki Bella hitting a new landmark. Nikki's YouTube channel "The Bella Twins" hit 500,000 subscribers, and being a woman of her word, she fulfilled a promise after hitting that goal.

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She and fiancée Cena pledged to go full frontal on YouTube once they got to 500,000 , and so they did. The pair eventually strip down and their dick and pussy respectively are censored. Though we get to see Bella’s side-boob.

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