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There are so many American actresses out there and we’re just wondering how all of these luscious people are found. Like, is there a place I can go to watch auditions or something, because I’m obviously not meeting these kinds of chicks on the street. Anyway, Katie Cassidy leaked lustful pictures is one of them. Dubbed the modern day scream queen, she’s known for countless Horror movies and television shows like Supernatural and Arrow. Intriguing as fuck, she’ll wow you in these pictures.

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Saying Katie Cassidy is lustful is an understatement. With a model history, this girl is no stranger to taking her clothes off. I mean, scantily clad is her middle name. But really, she’s got fabulous tits and can rock both the blond and brunette hairstyles. Her ass isn’t something to write home about, but that pussy is making us hard. Wouldn’t mind fucking her silly. I bet she’d scream bloody murder with all that horror movie experience she has going on.


If you want more of these photos of Katie Cassidy, we don’t blame you. Come back any time and don’t forget about this chick. She’s one lustful number.

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