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Katie Price Goes Topless For Fans

Now here’s a woman that I can totally get behind. Katie Price made a name for herself by being a topless Glam model back in the day. And she got rich as fuck for it. Why? Because this chick has the biggest set of knockers I’ve ever seen. I’m talking huge boobs time a million. So it’s no wonder she was so successful showing them off to the world. But now, and happily I might add, we have found full body photos of her.

Nude Katie Price Titties and Pussy Cat Pics

Katie Price is one of those chicks that changes her hair a lot, but I think she looks better as a brunette. Don’t get me wrong, she’s lustful as a blonde as well. But I like the dark brown hair on her best. Hair aside, have I mentioned her tits? I just want to suck on those babies all night. Dive my face right in the middle of them and try not to suffocate. But her ass is just as good. Huge, round, perfect. Do you think any of this is fake? Maybe, but who cares? With a pussy like that you gotta see more, she can be as fake as she wants.


I’ve always fantasized about ripping Katie Price’s clothes off. Now I don’t have to because the result is right in front of me! Wouldn’t stop me if given the opportunity though.

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