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Louis Hofmann is a German actor. He is best known for his lead role in the 2017 German Netflix original series Dark. Oh I love German actors and their willingness to show us their dicks and ass. Louis is a celebrated actor. In addition to being a great actor. He has endeared himself to us by taking his clothes off time and again. US actors and artists are way more shy compared to Louis, i mean Justine Bieber, Tiger Woods, The Game, Harry Styles could show more skin. Even gays are going gaga over his well sculpted body. Donโ€™t I just love German Sausages man. He becomes the cute center of our world after we see him lounge in bed naked with a lover in Center of My World (2016). He and his male lover get frisky, showing us peeks of his ass and smooth legs. We also get to admire his strong upper body and arms that we want to hug us all night long in the shirtless scene. We briefly peek his penis when he slips off his boxer shorts! Get ready to pause and zoom in.

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