Maya Hawke

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Maya Hawke is an American actress, singer, model, and songwriter. She is the daughter of actor Ethan Hawke and actress Uma Thurman. The sexy actress is best known for her roles in Little Women, Stranger Things, and Once Upon a Time. Maya followed her parentā€™s footsteps and made her on-screen debut in the BBC miniseries Little Women. However, it is until when she gets her role on Netflixā€™s Stranger Things that she decides to go dirty.

Hottie Maya Hawke Ass Flaunting Out In Public

Maya appears in a saucy sailorā€™s outfit for her job working at a mall restaurant, giving us a chance to admire her lovely legs and her sexy bikini body in her striped skirt. Seeing thisĀ Stranger ThingsĀ babe in her little costume is giving us some strange things in our jeans!

Outstanding Maya Hawke See-Through Photos Shocked The World

Nothing compared to her bare-ass later in 2019 in the music video for her song "To Love a Boy!" She quickly topped seeing her ass when she busts her tits out during a shot scene in the movieĀ Human CapitalĀ (2020). Hey, Maya, those jugs are capital! We really hope we can see her wet pussy in the near future.

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