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Full Frontal Michael Fassbender Sex Scene Video Compilation Exposing His Cock and Muscles

Michael Fassbender is an Irish-German actor. He is best known as a Spartan warrior in the fantasy war epic 300. After being featured prominently in one of the first scenes of shame. Michael’s dick became arguably the biggest breakout star of 2011. Of course male models like Froy Gutierrez and Diego Barros look more hot with their amazing skin colors. However Micheal still looks better then Tiger Woods or Gregg Sulkin in our book. Watch the compilation video below to see Fassbender fucking a hot blonde and with his cock out masturbating.

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In this movie, Fassbender lets his junk hang all out as he sullenly climbs out of bed. He also bares it all in a masturbation scene. Where the hunk appears shirtless. Flaunting his abs and muscles for the gay perverts. Also he is not shy to show off his dick in many movie scenes. Fassbender lets it hang numerous occasions pretending he is not even undressed. If he would have not made into Hollywood probably would have ended up as being a gay porn actor. Let you imagination go wild with the pictures below. As well don't forget to check out our other male celeb pics list of collections.

Vacation Photos of Michael Fassbender Caught by Paparazzi Shirtless Flexing his Muscles

And when we thought we had seeing enough of the luscious Irishman. The good guys at Gay celebrity paparazzi dug up a television advertisement. For Scandinavian airline SAS in which Fassbender starred baring it all. Even though this was not the full frontal exposure seen in “Shame”. The commercial does give Fassbinder’s unadorned ass quite a lot of airtime. If all these pics did not get you hard yet then Michael Yerger and Chris Evans leaked celebrity photos will! As always stay tuned we might get some leaked selfie material soon exposing that shaved cock.

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