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Naomi Watts is a Australian Actress and have you seen her sex scene videos? I mean this chick has been in so many amazing movies like The Ring, King Kong, and The Impossible. Earning nominations for major awards. But probably one of my favorites by her is 21 Grams. Not only is the movie just really good, but she is really fucking lustful throughout with that bikini body in the entirety of the film.

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When your husband and kids are killed in a car accident by an ex-con, chance are you are going to feel a little anger and want go kill that person.As Naomi seeks her revenge and ends up actually chickening out, you can’t help but stare at her amazing body. I mean, girl is clearly distressed and lonely. We’re happy to help cheer her up with some TLC. Give her that dick she’s been craving in her time of need. Conclusion Clearly Naomi Watts is a classy chick, but we like seeing more pussy and shedding clothing. Crazed, luscious, and vulnerable. Nothing a good fuck can’t cure.

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