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Nick Jonas is an American singer, actor and songwriter. He’s popularly known for being part of the Jonas brother where he had formed a band his older brothers. Nick is no longer that squeaky-clean tween he was during the heyday of the Jonas Brothers.

Intriguing Nick Jonas Abs Pictures Exposed

He openly admitted that going full frontal on the Broadway stage doesn't exactly scare him. Of course this is not the first time the lustfultie has stripped down to his skivvies. There's that super racy Flaunt magazine shoot that had jaw-dropping all over the Internet.

Cute Nick Jonas Selfies From Instagram

When he was seen grabbing his crotch and dick. Naughty guy. There is also that sex scene on Kingdom that went above-and-beyond what we thought we'd ever see him do. Please check out that steaming video of the scene.

Hunky Nick Jonas Red Carpet Photo-shoots

Nick Jonas has also appeared full frontal on gay magazines and has never had a problem going shirtless. He is not ripped but has some nice abs and little muscle. His photos always leave fans hyperventilating.

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