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Pamela Horton | Celeb Masta 21

Juicy Pamela Horton Tits & Ass Pics Exposed

Pamela Horton Playmate miss 2012 October and a kick-ass Gamer and a sexy Youtuber is the luscious chick with a nice perky tits and a tight ass that flows like a geyser. Yes, I mean geyser. She could actually make an interesting Pornstar. Too bad she is wasting all that beauty and sexiness in gamer’s. But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t drool over her luscious boobies or her tiny ass.

Intriguing Pamela Horton Pussy and Topless

Unfortunately, big asses are a thing today, every bloke today loves a big booty and it even looks better when totally without clothes dammit. Even though she might not be flaunting her skin as frequent. She used to do it frequently back when she was one of the playmate girls.

Pamela Horton Playboy Collection

Unfortunately, men love flesh, they love butts they can bounce on and spank and let it vibrate like the African tumultuous drum. Horton has a small ass that you will get bored smashing even before you start. Let’s take a moment and look at some of these pictures of Horton.

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