Photos Shoot With Cirque Zumanity!

Photos Shoot With Cirque Zumanity! | Celeb Masta

Behind the scenes at my luscious shoot with Cirque #Zumanity!

Get your tickets, hunni. June 27-July 1st in Vegas! People like susanz don’t really care, maliksmama. They’re just bitter, hateful, cynical and jaded people who live in a world of misery of their own making. How ever that is quite alright by Celeb Masta since we love scandals and un-ordinary stuff! Photos Shoot With Cirque Zumanity! She (or he, I believe) is probably an undiagnosed mentally ill individual who craves attention … and finds that the only way they can actually get it is by acting the donkey’s ass on a celebrity’s web-site

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